Talent Acquisition Specialist

Premier Management Team, LLC

CA, San Diego

This job has been expired

New division of an existing HR/Payroll/benefits company. We have long standing clients that are almost all exclusively in the life sciences and biotech industries. We provide a contingent workforce model for their contract employees. Our clients have repeatedly requested recruiting services from us, but we haven’t opened that side of the business until now.

We plan to launch in January but I’m not opposed to bringing someone on in December if it’s the right fit.

Most clients are in the life sciences, biotech, and technology industries.

Compensation: full time is base + commission on all revenue you generate the company. Benefits, 401K, medical, dental. Total at plan comp $85k-$100k

Part time is straight commission, and we may start that way depending on the initial need and ability of our candidates.

Based on the high salary roles we’d be filling , the average commission is anticipated to be around 3k-8k per placement depending on the role.

Please send resumes to [email protected]