Sr. Analyst, Multi-touch Marketing Attribution

Neiman Marcus Group

Beverly Hills, CA


We are looking for a marketing analytics expert that wants to work in cutting edge of Marketing Attribution utilizing AI and ML, including predictive modeling for channel-level media planning & budget optimization. This includes paid performance optimization, brand media effectiveness, & visibility of impact across all touchpoints. This person will utilize an attribution-focused tool that uses sophisticated modeling & ML to determine the true fractional credit deserved by each marketing touchpoint. This includes both influenced scores (the fraction of the conversion that each marketing touchpoint is responsible for) and incremental scores (the amount of marginal impact directly caused by the marketing touchpoint taking the baseline into effect). This person must be highly engaged in current advanced marketing strategies and wants to push into the new realm of what is now possible with the newest technology. This position will be working with both Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

Key Performance Elements/Responsibilities:

  • Partner with Sr. Managers and Directors of marketing utilizing data-driven attribution to analyze the true impact of marketing efforts on business outcomes by utilizing the Adobe Suite of Products (Customer Journey Analytics, Attribution AI, and Marketing Mix Modeling) to drive growth and profit (ROAS optimization).
  • Understand the true incremental impact of online and offline marketing, both as a whole and by channel, region, SKU, etc.
  • Inform budget allocation decisions across marketing channels while accounting for spend constraints provided by the Marketing Activation Team.
  • Manage customer growth investment and economics through CAC/LTV and cohort-based acquisition/retention models and decision frameworks.
  • Enhance measurement capabilities and standards such as multi-touch-attribution model and media mix modeling, while maintaining consistencies in cross-channel optimization at the macro & micro levels.
  • Utilize AI-as-a-Service approach accelerating insights to action, enabling data-driven decisions within days instead on months/years.
  • Develop and manage testing capabilities and processes with the marketing teams, interpretation of results, analytic deep dives, and recommendations for action.
  • Decide primary KPIs and frameworks for measurement, and partner with data science and engineering teams to productionize data sources for marketing analytics and reporting consumption.
  • Manage connectors across marketing platforms to enrich data points and discovery.


Minimum Entry Education and Experience:

  • An advanced degree in a quantitative field such as statistics, mathematics, operations research, computer science or engineering
  • 5+ years working in marketing analytics or other related analytical capacities
  • 2+ years in marketing measurement and optimization


  • Expert experience in SQL, Tableau, & Snowflake.
  • Basic understanding of predictive modeling and linear programming.
  • Have experience working with a marketing measurement solution.
  • Have excellent analytical & critical thinking skills.
  • Move easily between complex, technical activities and communicating insights to business partners.
  • Have persuasive verbal and written communications skills.
  • Have exceptionally high intellectual curiosity and work ethic, never happy with the status quo.
  • Have owned (chosen, implemented, managed) a marketing or site testing solution.
  • Is considered a Master user of Adobe Analytics and Google 360