Senior UX/UI Designer


United States


We are looking for a trustworthy, focused, communicative team member to help us build our design team. This position will be responsible for both internal and client facing design research and implementation projects.

The ideal candidate would be elastic and able to balance a portfolio of design workshops and concepting for our new client projects, interface design support on ongoing projects, and internal support with our marketing initiatives (interactive case studies for our websites, etc).

If you like an exciting hybrid-remote workplace with passionate client-success-focused doers who deliver quality work to help our clients succeed, then this is the job for you.

You’ll be the first full time design team member at Lofty, helping us bootstrap a creative department and establish our design voice. Ultimately this position has the opportunity to progress into a Creative Director role as our company grows over the next 12-18 months.

About Lofty

Lofty is a client services consultancy that creates custom software applications that operationalize emerging technology like AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science. Our vision is to be leaders in bringing domain knowledge to life through software, enabling experts to empower their colleagues to do bigger and better things.

We are a growth company focused on producing world-class functional software for the advancement of the world through tools that matter. We focus our areas of practice on Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Agriculture, Energy, Renewables, and Electric Vehicles. This has allowed us to build a team of experts who can provide invaluable support to our portfolio of clients.

Life @ Lofty

Remote Team – Our brilliant team of engineers and operations support staff is spread across several states. We believe people get their best work done from where they want to work. That can be our nice new office in downtown Fayetteville Arkansas, a code shed in your backyard, or the back of your RV in a national park. If you can show up for meetings and get your work done, we don’t worry about where you’re working from (but we will ask for pics if it’s really cool).

Client Services – We talk about this A LOT. We work with amazing clients in really exciting industries. They’re the boss. Our entire organization is composed around the reality that we must excel at meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Anyone can build software, we help our clients and partners build the right software.

Travel – We understand how valuable your time is. We promise we won’t abuse it. There will be a moderate amount of all-hands, client on-sites, and conferences we attend each year, and we’ll make sure to have them planned well in advance. Plus, they’ll be fun. This job may require up to 20% travel.

Schedule – Take your dog for a walk over lunch, get that dental follow up scheduled, make time for school drop off. We all have rhythm and pacing to our lives, if you’re producing great work, supporting your teammates, making all meetings and engagements, and getting your hours in, you won’t hear any complaints from us.

Compensation – Lofty offers competitive compensation and benefits, including matching retirement, sponsored medical, work from home stipends, and generous time off.


Can you work with our clients to translate their business problems into great software?

Clients at Lofty start in our strategic discovery process, Ignition. During Ignition, our team takes the client through a series of structured exercises, business model canvasses, customer interviews, and more to propose the development of a software tool targeting their needs. A UX/UI Designer at Lofty feels comfortable participating heavily in these processes and advocating strongly for the User while balancing the needs of the business.

Do you have experience designing interfaces for data heavy applications?

We like to tell our customers that Lofty is not a Data Science team–that’s their job. The team at Lofty, however, is highly Data Science compatible. Our ideal customers have world-class expertise in their business domains and are able to attract high quality experts and scientists to their teams. These teams produce industry-changing insights, but our job is to help turn those processes into real world, usable software that you don’t have to be a scientist to use! This means the team at Lofty is building lots of data visualization, dashboarding, and data exploration work.

Are you capable of thriving on a remote hybrid team?

While the majority of our leadership team is located in Northwest Arkansas our company is fully remote. That means there often won’t be anyone standing over your shoulder watching you work (not that we ever did that when we did have an office, but you get the point). Some experience with the rhythm and focus needed for remote work is desirable for this position, but not required. As much of your time will be spent interfacing with the clients and our Product Owners, this position does require an availability of 9-5 central. There will be some minimal travel involved, we have a few conferences and in-person company wide meetings that you will need to attend, but it’ll be fun, we promise.

Bonus Points

Experience with:

  • Implementing systems for design operations
  • Integrating design within Agile software teams
  • Client discovery through strategic workshops and studies
  • Interface design for data-heavy software applications


Work From Home

Production roles for Product Owners, Software Engineers, and Product Owners are fully remote anywhere in the US. Local staff enjoy remote flexibility as well.

Generous PTO

3 weeks of fully unplugged PTO is standard for all new hires. We have unlimited sick leave and flexible schedules, so Lofty encourages employees to use all of their PTO as real downtime.

Flexible Schedules

We all have rhythm and pacing to our lives, if you’re producing great work, supporting your teammates, making all meetings and engagements, you won’t hear any complaints from us.

Retirement Savings

Lofty offers matching contributions to a company sponsored SIMPLE IRA plan. We match contributions dollar for dollar up to 3% of your salary.

Fully Sponsored Health Insurance

We cover 100% of medical benefits for our employees as well as significant subsidies for spouses and dependents.

WFH Stipend

Order that extra monitor and boost your internet speed! All remote employees enjoy a $150 monthly Work From Home stipend to outfit their home office.

Fitness Reimbursement

Lofty reimburses employees for qualifying fitness programs and memberships

Floating Holidays

Choose two extra holidays per year that fit your lifestyle or beliefs, in addition to our standard US holiday schedule.