Senior Product Manager, Care Product Innovation


AZ, Phoenix

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About Us

Founded in 2017 by Carolyn Witte and Felicity Yost, Tia is the modern medical home for women. We are trailblazing a new paradigm for women’s healthcare that treats women as whole people vs. parts or life stages. Blending in-person and virtual care services, Tia’s “Whole Woman, Whole Life” care model fuses gynecology, primary care, mental health and evidence-based wellness services to treat women comprehensively. By making women’s health higher quality and lower cost, Tia makes women healthier, providers happier, and the business of care delivery stronger — setting a new standard of care for women everywhere.

Tia has raised more than $132 Million in venture capital funding to date, including a recent $100 Million Series B investment, one of the largest early-stage rounds ever for a healthcare company focused on women. Tia has ambitious plans to scale its “whole-woman, whole-life” model to more than 100,000 women by 2023. We’ll do this by growing virtual and in-person operations in existing and new markets while expanding its service lines to care for women throughout their entire lives — from puberty to menopause. Since launching in 2017, Tia has grown to serve thousands of women aged 18-80 with blended in-person and virtual care in New York City, Los Angeles, Phoenix and soon San Francisco.

We’re building a world class team to reimagine women’s healthcare. We’re an interdisciplinary team of clinicians, researchers, designers, technologists and operators who have seen firsthand how broken the healthcare system is for women. We’re united by a powerful mission to enable every woman to achieve optimal health, as defined by herself, as well as a shared set of values and principles that define our business, products, and culture.

Tia is building a culture of excellence — in people, process and product. This is our northstar value ;

What is excellence, exactly?

Excellence about constantly elevating yourself, it is the process of constantly striving to perform to the best of your abilities, and identifying your top potential through constant learning, experimentation and evolution. Excellence is not about achieving perfection, as that insinuates a pinnacle. Instead, in our terms, excellence is about the pursuit of constant improvement. We’re looking for people who want to go on that hard journey of constantly setting new personal records, and organizational records.

We practice excellence at Tia by demonstrating the following types of behaviors: We chose (and actively choose) excellence as Tia’s highest order value because it crystalizes into one word several behaviors that we hold dear, specifically:

  • A drive to constantly improve through experimentation , reflection. and an insatiable growth mindset — said another way, we’re energized by the possibility of invention, innovation, and iteration
  • Being present in and grateful for the journey — not just the goal line. Perfection is static. Excellence is a process (more on this important distinction below)
  • Asking why, then why again — because accepting “this is just the way it is” is not good enough
  • Grit & perseverance — a maker mentality that involves “rolling up your sleeves”, but also deep care for oneself and for others
  • A commitment to uncovering talents to unlock “rock star” potential across every individual

Furthermore, excellence reflects the “bigness” and the “boldness” of Tia’s mission and vision — a world in which every woman can achieve optimal health, as defined by herself.

Said another way, Tia’s mission is NOT to make healthcare incrementally better for women. Instead, we’ve intentionally set out to create a fundamentally new paradigm for modern women’s healthcare that’s truly excellent . We believe that creating a company that operates in a culture of excellence will manifest in our product. Reaching this goal is not an overnight pursuit or a “one and done.” We have not and will not “get it right” with the first swing. Rather, this higher order goal is a moving target — one we have not and will not ever fully “achieve.” By design, we will never be “done” with this work, but instead, we will be continuously in pursuit of our mission. It is this continuous pursuit — the journey, not the finish line — that truly embodies excellence.

Role Title: Senior Product Manager, Care Product Innovation

Manager: Senior Director, Care Product Innovation

Location: Remote – flexible across the US

Role Summary

Tia is an innovative, venture-backed women’s healthcare company on a mission to transform the way women access, use and benefit from healthcare. Tia blends data-driven technology with a holistic, “multiple tools in the toolkit” care philosophy all unified under a big, bold sex-positive, ethically female brand.

From early days we’ve recognized that in order to build differentiated products in healthcare, we need to marry technology, operations and programming / businessline thinking together; we also recognized that we need a blend of traditional and non-traditional healthcare backgrounds. Today, Tia’s product team is made up of PMs overseeing servicelines (such as mental health and acupuncture) and technology development. The Care Product Innovation team aims to build technology that enables our care model. This team wins when we launch products that will best unlock growth, scale and clinical success.

As a Senior Product Manager (SPM) at Tia, you will work closely with the Senior Director of Care Product Innovation to set the product strategy to achieve topline business goals.

Your job is to operationalize the product strategy set by the Senior Director of Care Product Innovation. Your core role revolves around deeply understanding and supporting your users, executing the product strategy that marries user needs and Tia mission / business needs through the tech product development process, and then building, measuring, evolving that product. This includes TiaMD, TiAdmin, billings and insurance infrastructure support, and the features span the needs of clinical documentation, health record and patient data collection, patient / internal messaging, tasks / insurance integration, eRx, and clinical decision support. You will also work closely with the membership tech team, as patient/provider technology updates often go hand in hand. You will own a close analysis of product performance against product goals.

You should be deeply aware of the product offerings in your area, of what your users want, why other products fail them, what our mission is and why we entered the space + what is required for us to succeed. You should also be keenly aware of the business requirements for your product area, be able to drive bottom line outcomes from your product area. You’re obsessive not with just building, but supporting the products you launch and its users, and nurturing them to success.

To enable every woman to achieve optimal health, as defined by herself.

In order to turn health from a once-a-year or episodic concern to a daily personal exploration , support patients in this journey by delivering an experience that is educational, personalized, integrated and connected.

  • Educational: Thinking about your health continuously — rather than just when you are sick — is a new concept to many. When you ask people to change, you must coach them how to do so. In order to achieve our vision, we have to teach patients how to alter their mindsets and behaviors.
  • Personalized: Every patient is unique and thus should be their care. While most healthcare experiences do not live up to this, patients desire being listened to, and for their unique experiences to be reflected in their care. In order to achieve our vision
    , we must personalize the Tia experience and show that we are listening to our patients’ needs and goals.
  • Integrated: What sets Tia apart from other health care companies is our belief in whole person care. We take an integrative approach that combines traditional modern medicine with evidence-based wellness modalities that don’t just treat disease but also prevent illness. We need to create a patient experience that facilitates shared decision-making and enhances the patient-provider relationship.
  • Connected: One of the reasons that many women stop working towards their health goals is because of inconvenience: whether that be scheduling, insurance issues, lack of records, etc. In order to achieve our vision, we need to create an experience that is connected, convenient and accessible.


  • As a PM, your core job is to make something that people want , you’re obsessive about knowing the user, understanding the user needs and love the creative problem solving of stitching together product requirements, end-state desired design, user desire, resource capacity and constraints, and timing
  • As the RP for a product area, you think like an owner & act like a CEO of your business area .
  • PM’s are at the forefront of defining the frontiers of our business, they’re looking for ways to expand revenue, service line, retention, loyalty. This means being creative, being on the pulse of the user and thinking creatively / out of the box about meeting their needs — they’re always willing to experiment always, despite the possibility of failure
  • A PM’s job is to constantly figure out the best way to get the MVP into the user’s hands as quickly as possible and then find a pathway to build on top of that to iterate, improve and deliver more and more value — therefore they must be obsessive with the game of being driven to achieve excellence, but with a regard of effort over impact.


  • Sociological — At a time when the delivery of medicine is drastically changing, and when how humans use online / offline services is also evolving, this person needs to really be able to synthesize trends and understand not just what the user wants today, but what they’re going to want in the future + how to be a “taste maker” for this product.
  • Emotional — this person will manage a big team, over time likely one of the largest people orgs at Tia. They need to be in tune with the vibe, culture, and emotional tenor of their team. They need to understand what makes their people tick to maximize outputs regardless of the tedious nature of the work.
  • Execution mindset — this is an operations heavy role, that will involve moving a ton of people towards initiatives / change management + performance / expectations management. In additional this is a role that will require much cross functional decision making — this person much be execution and outcomes oriented, plotting against output targets to get stuff done and not allow their organization to get mired in the “bureaucracy”


  • 4-6 years work experience, ideally at least 4 years as a product manager
  • Understanding of engineering lift to build and design lift to design
  • Previous experience with agile / scrum process
  • Committed to delivering exceptional quality work – obsessed with high quality user experiences
  • Passionate about healthcare – interested in disrupting and elevating the benchmark
  • Proven ability to take complex products from concept into the hands of users
  • Analytics — proficient in use of excel / google sheets, SQL, familiarity with Mixpanel, python, R, or stata a plus
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to effectively communicate goals, tactics, process, get buy in across orgs
  • Move quickly and thrive in a fast-paced environment. No job is beneath you and you lead from the front.


  • Understand the business goals, evaluate opportunities for products that can support the business in effectively achieving those goals
  • Works with the Senior Director, Care Product Innovation to synthesize market dynamics, product line performance, business needs, execution abilities, company vision & mission
  • Works with the Senior Director, Care Product Innovation to design and execute a product strategy that supports the company strategy
  • Partners with the Senior Director, Care Product Innovation to effectively work within the company’s OKR process to generate the product roadmap that supports company’s mission and vision
  • Hold a crisp vision of the user & competitors, and ensure that the products ladder up to that user’s needs
  • Conducts periodic user research sessions to evaluate user needs + create an ever evolving + current picture of user desires
  • Performs market & competitive research to understand market trends that could implicate the evolution of the product strategy
  • Finds creative ways to harness more user insights and efficiently get closer to our users
  • Manage design and engineering teams through the product development process
  • Liaises between scrum master + design to ensure that product development timelines are being hit and processes are being run smoothly
  • Partners closely with eng + design through development cycles
  • Delivers documentation and provide timely feedback to design and eng to enable their work streams
  • Manages partner teams to deliver against product strategy
  • Liaise between and effectively partner with your core product operationalizers to bring your product to fruition — in this role those people can be providers, clinical strategy and innovation, central ops, eng/design, other PMs
  • Effectively leverage partner teams to bring your product strategy to fruition
  • Work with the Senior Director, Care Product Innovation to use the OKR and KPI processes to drive cross functional decision and process implementation
  • Deliver documentation to enable partner work streams
  • Ensure that people remain ‘on the same page’ through the oft-long and complex process of product development
  • Works with marketing to run launch processes
  • Partner with partner teams to launch new products + experiences offline + online, which aim to build products that enable our care model. This team wins when we launch products that will best unlock growth, scale and clinical success.
  • Work within the care product innovation process to deliver requirements to the team and partner with them to ensure strategy effectively “hits the mark” on the platformitizing care delivery
  • Ensure the team is appropriately educated on the user and market landscape for the product line
  • Evaluate & effectively communicate product performance to stakeholders
  • Run dashboards to measure the success / performance of product
  • Run product feedback focus groups with users to collect qualitative feedback
  • Develop reports on whether the products are achieving higher level goals
  • Iterate roadmap based on product performance
  • Ensure that stakeholders are getting effective and adequate transparency into the product performance
  • Use metrics as a way to build buy in for product strategy iteration and buy in


  • Unlimited vacation
  • Free Tia membership
  • Competitive stock option package
  • $300 one-time WFH stipend
  • $50/month phone and internet reimbursement
  • Medical, dental, and vision benefits
  • 401k program (no matching at this time)
  • Top of the line 13” Macbook Pro
  • Travel stipend for team off-sites

This position may require attendance at company and team off-sites and is subject the Company’s vaccine requirement, as
permitted by law and subject to reasonable accommodation.

Tia is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a better environment for our employees and a better product for our users and patients. We strongly encourage people of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community to apply.

If you are committed to collaborative problem solving, creating high-quality and user-centric products, and want to make waves in women’s healthcare, join us!

Tia is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a better environment for our employees and a better product for our users and patients. We strongly encourage people of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community to apply.

If you are committed to collaborative problem solving, creating high-quality and user-centric products, and want to make waves in women’s healthcare, join us!