This job has been expired

Are you looking for your next big mission?

Do you find yourself constantly looking for new ways to challenge yourself, smash goals and strive for success?

Have you been working in sales for some time, but yet to find that role that truly fulfills you?

Or maybe you’re new to the industry, but are ready to disrupt and make an impact.

You’re likely an energetic and vibrant individual, with a strong empathetic character.

Your exceptional communication skills and ability to connect with people is a natural talent of yours.

Your dream is to work in a company where you can help people and be an evangelist for a mission you can get behind.

If this sounds like you… we want to hear from you!

Here’s what you can expect:

When do I start?

This role is not for right now but will be ready to hit the ground running by Q3.

This is the expected timeline:

Q1: We’re recruiting for this role now, gathering interest and building our dream team.

Q2: We’re going to provide you the best training possible to set you up for success.

Q3: Lace up, it’s time to hit the ground running!

Am I an employee of UseVerb?

Not exactly. You won’t be sitting in the office with us, or contracted as an employee. But you are part of the UseVerb Sales Organisation – aka our UseVerb Army!

How will I make money?

This is a commission-based role. You signup businesses, you get paid.

We’re really looking for those who are excited by not only signing up new members, but creating a team of their own. If your team is successful, you could advance to a Manager or Team leader role.

What do I do from here?

1). If you haven’t already, head to our LinkedIn page and Follow us.

2). Spend some time learning about UseVerb and what we’re about.

3). Download our App, available on the App Store and Google Play.

4). Connect with Emma Fox and Peter Taliangis on the app.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


  • Community outreach
  • Growing our member database
  • Leading our affiliate program
  • Working closely with the sales and marketing team to assist with customer development
  • Great communications skills to create briefs, talk through requirements and manage project deliverables end-to-end
  • An understanding of journey mapping, sales and customer lifecycles to identify innovative ways to engage prospects and move them through the funnel
  • Prepare reports and findings

Type of person we’re looking for:

  • Outgoing personality
  • Empathetic
  • Strong Leadership
  • Love our product as much as we do
  • Have big aspirations, determined and ambitious
  • Open to change and dare to disrupt