Marketing Coordinator

Disc Golf Pro Tour

Charlotte, NC

This job has been expired

Position Title: Marketing Coordinator

Position Type: Full time

The Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) is seeking an entry-level marketer with digital marketing capabilities to assist in marketing efforts for the DGPT.

The DGPT is an organization dedicated to the promotion and growth of professional disc golf through the administration of our Tour, a series of elite disc golf tournaments across North America and Europe. We focus on teamwork, innovation, and collaboration to achieve our goals and look forward to hiring a marketer that shares our passion for the sport of disc golf to help grow our organization and the game.

Responsible to: Marketing Director

Duties And Responsibilities

  • Digital Marketing
    • Create and manage paid social media and other digital marketing campaigns.
    • Assist in the management of the DGPT and Disc Golf Network (DGN) websites (and supporting digital platforms like Shopify and Google Applications).
    • Write content for the DGPT news page about events and other DGPT storylines.
    • Manage the DGPT written content calendar.
    • Work with the Communications Coordinator to execute the weekly newsletter and recurring retail newsletter.
  • Traditional Marketing
    • Manage communication and execution of DGPT local marketing efforts.
    • Work with partnership, operations, and media teams on company-wide marketing efforts.
    • Attend assigned DGPT events to execute planned marketing projects or efforts.
  • Organic Social Media
    • Manage social media communities by engaging with users in comments and responding to direct messages.
    • Assist in big-picture calendar management
    • Co-Manage the DGPT Pro-Shop Instagram content calendar
  • Other
    • Work on other marketing projects as assigned.
    • Attendance at certain trainings, seminars, conferences, or other staff events.

Required Qualifications

  • Education
    • An Associates Degree in marketing or a related business degree.
  • Skills
    • Experience writing copy for a brand and in a brand voice
    • Some experience with digital advertising.
    • Some experience with task management, communication and other digital platforms.
  • Other
    • Disc golf experience & an understanding of the growth of the professional side of the sport including the DGPT’s vision and mission.
    • A high degree of professionalism in working with clients, coworkers, players, volunteers, event teams, and service providers.
    • Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure.
    • Effective communication skills in person and through text & email.
    • Aptitude and desire to learn new skills.
    • Willingness to be a team player and complete other tasks as necessary

Preferred Qualifications

  • A Bachelors Degree in marketing or a related business degree.
  • Experience working in disc golf and knowledge of the professional development of the sport.


  • A full-time year-round position. Category 4 position, access to benefits package.
  • Pay Scale: $38,500.00 – $42,500.00
  • Access to employee health, dental, and vision insurance program.
  • Access to simple IRA/401(k) plan with business contributions.
  • Access to the company’s mobile plan.
  • Incentive Opportunity
  • Paid time off and sick leave.
  • Paid holidays.
  • Travel expenses are paid when traveling for assigned DGPT events.
  • Other perks such as a complementary Disc Golf Network subscription and a yearly disc allotment.

Application Deadline: December 9th, 2022

Hiring Date: January 3rd-5th

Projected Start Date: January 23rd

In-Season Schedule (Late Feb to Early Oct): Thursday – Monday