Former Admission Officer – US Boarding School

InGenius Prep

United States

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Please check this link for the Top 50 US Boarding Schools.


We are looking for Former Admissions Officers who will be part of our Senior Counselor team. Former Admissions Officers direct the strategy of student applications and extracurricular profiles. The opportunity for growth in this position will be determined by the counselor’s individual strengths and weaknesses. The ideal candidate will approach the work with a student-centered educational philosophy.


  • Admissions experience at a Top-50 ranked boarding school 
  • Must have read applications and made acceptance decisions on applications 
  • Must be a phenomenal writer 
  • Must be extremely hard-working 
  • Masters and/or PhD is optional, but a big bonus 
  • Undergraduate or high school teaching experience is optional, but a big bonus 


  • 1-on-1 counseling with students aged 14-17 to build their extra-curricular profiles and applications
  • Meet remotely and in person with students
  • Share admissions content expertise to direct the strategy of students’ profiles
  • Provide feedback to foster students’ independent writing skills
  • Provide comprehensive support to students as they prepare their applications
  • Generate creative trajectories and projects for students’ extracurricular development 
  • Collaborate with a team of up to three counselors to support each student’s progress 

Please note that shortlisted candidates will receive an email from us so please check your email and spam from time to time. Thank you.

Company Overview:

InGenius Prep ( was founded seven years ago by law students at Harvard and Yale. In that time, the company has grown to a team of more than 150 full-time employees, 500 part-time employees, as well as offices in the U.S., China, Canada, and Korea.

Our primary focus is assisting students in applying to U.S. Colleges and Graduate schools. What distinguishes us from other companies is that our team includes more than 150 former deans, directors, and associate directors of admissions from many of the most selective schools in the country.

Our company is fast-paced and exciting. We operate as a team, and everyone is given opportunities to advance in the organization. If you are looking for an exciting, intense, and rewarding employment opportunity, this is the place for you!