This job has been expired

REMOTE Business – Work from Home or Anywhere with WiFi

FLEXIBLE Hours – You set your own schedule / what you put in is what you will get out

NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED – full training and mentorship provided (*Preferred Experience/Qualities include customer service, management, retail, restaurant, etc.)

As a Financial Professional, you will have the fulfilling opportunity to spread financial literacy to all walks of life. We strive to take an educational approach while helping our clients plan for and reach their short, mid, and long-term financial goals. This includes retirement planning, college planning, investments, insurance, etc. Our mission is to help individuals, families, and business owners feel more confident heading into their financial futures by equipping them with modern-day financial education.


Values Freedom and Flexibility

Excels at Working Independently and in a Team Environment

Highly ambitious and Motivated

Entrepreneurial and business minded

Self-Starter and Good at Follow-Through

Has a personal interest in Personal Finance (even with little to no experience)

Sports/Club/Team Background, Sales, and Teaching Experience is always a plus

We are looking for a talented and ambitious individual ready to become educated in the high income financial services industry. Do you have interest in learning how money works, strategies familiar to the wealthy, and actually building an asset with your time?

Our branch office is based in West Los Angeles and we are a non-captive broker dealer, meaning we’re partnered with some of the top companies in our industry. At a time with our economy in distress, and many people losing their retirements, our services are even more necessary and essential to providing families with a solution now more than ever. Our expanding firm stands out from the rest because of the various services and our educational approach.


Ethical, intentional, accountable, confident and driven to invest in your future?

Teachable and open to learning business and financial principles that expand your own personal and professional Financial IQ?

Open and have a desire to become licensed to help individuals, families, and businesses with practical and tactical, resilient strategies?

MULTIPLE METHODS OF COMPENSATION in Financial Services unlike traditional 9-5 jobs:

commission income NO SALARY here, with no ceiling (one client may be $2,500 in compensation and another may be $20,000)

Residual income (paid from work done last year, every year)

Passive income (income from clientele group)

Bonuses, paid world travel, and more


►Minimum 18 years of age

►Legal U.S. Resident, Citizen or Work Permit with SSN

►Able to pass a Background Screening

►Able to complete licensing requirements within 60 days

►Accountable with high level of integrity (critical in this regulated and customer based industry)


►Positive and supportive team culture. We’re all passionate about learning to help individuals, families, and businesses with short, mid, and long term financial goals. Outside of teaching our consultants necessary financial concepts, we also train on leadership skills, business skills, marketing, social media/branding, communication, and more! Training and flexible work hours can weave into your existing schedule Part-Time or Full-Time. Production Based, Commission- Position (1099). NO prior certification, experience, or education necessary.