Director of Program Management


United States

Seniority level


Employment type

Full Time

You are a Senior Program Manager with extensive hands-on experience running complex multi-faceted & cross-organizational programs.  In addition to being hands on, you will have led, and can form your own team and oversee their complex work.  You will lead with calm control, keeping us and our partners on the front foot, by seeing around corners, foreseeing the unseeable and driving with stamina.

As we begin new and continue large complex integrations with big banks and other financial institutions, you will help us jointly develop a command-and-control mindset which will help our partners integrate BillGO and bring improved financial lives to millions of customers.

You’ll do this by being the grand orchestrator, communicating and collaborating with all key cross functional teams made of stakeholders/partners inside and outside of BillGO; Sales, Product, Engineering, Legal, Compliance & clients.  You’ll develop realistic plans & milestones and keep teams coordinated for seamless execution.  You’ll give our clients confidence that what we say, we do, and you’ll develop an existing strong PM team and hire more equal minded Program managers that will help us grow.

To help us scale, you’ll put in place business processes that add rigor & discipline, encourage quality, yet speed us up, not slow, the implementation and delivery process.   You’ll form a Project reporting methodology that allows stakeholders to understand, at a glance where key milestones are and what project risks or issues are yet to be overcome.


·       Hands on, run complex projects

·       Ability to translate contract items to actions

·       You’ll establish and form routines and systems that scale and speed up delivery

·       You’ll scale ahead of time, developing your team & processes to meet our growing market demand

·       Report to senior execs in and outside BillGO


·       10 years + complex FI program delivery, you’ll have seen it all

·       BillGO is a Payment Product that improves the lives of millions, so Payment & banking experience is key

·       Experience in delivering technical digital projects that can morph or become ambiguous

·       Knowledge of how Financial Institutions work and their delivery complexities is key

·       Superb problem-solving skills, relentless attention to detail, able to help solve complex issues

·       C-suite presentations, succinct, clear and polished

·       Big enough to hold people accountable, regardless of seniority

·       You can do all this and still tell a joke at the Friday happy hour