This job has been expired

Recruit IT talents from other countries to work in the Philippines

1.System function development iteration, involving framework/kernel and other levels of improvement and user experience improvement;

2.Application architecture design;

3.Performance analysis and system problem positioning and resolution;

4.Experience in component-based architecture design

5.Understanding of at least 6 design patterns, having read at least one good open source project

6.Proficiency in developing custom controls and animations

7.Development experience in security, performance (rendering speed, memory optimization, power consumption, etc.)

8. Ability to locate lag and OOM issues

9. Familiarity with NDK development, and experience in NDK development

10. Proficiency in using unit testing for quality assurance of responsible modules

11. Have good coding habits, learning ability and ability to read English documentation

12.Preferred if familiar with okhttp retrofit and rxjava and then familiar with custom controls and animation

Intermediate 2500-3500USDT /monthly, Advanced 3500-5000USDT /monthly,Expert level, negotiable

after tax

The specific basic salary can only be confirmed after an interview;

Our salary is divided into three parts: basic salary + performance + benefits; there are 2 grades of performance (0, 30% basic salary)


1.Free Accommodation (for expatriate)

2.Free Meals (breakfast, lunch, unlimited snacks & drinks, and dinner)

3.Free Shuttle Service

4.13th-month pay Monthly Incentive (performance bonus)

5.Holiday pay

6.Annual leave (30 day for expatriate)

7.Monthly complete attendance bonus

8.Monthly team building allowance

9.Service tenure award(for expatriate)

10.Company Size: > 1000 Employees

11.Industry: Information Technology


Job hunting instructions:

1. Working place: Harbor Dr, Pasay, Metro Manila

2. Building name: one e com (Google map available)

3. Working hours: 9 hours/day (including 1 hour rest), 6 days/week

4. Visa type: 9G work visa (responsible by the company, handled in the Philippines)

5. Contract period: 2 years

6. Supplementary instructions:

  • (1) For foreigners who choose to come to the Philippines, they need to apply for the visa in person, and the company is responsible for reimbursement after come to the Philippines;